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Who We Are

The NACTT is a nonprofit entity. To look at the NACTT's Bylaws, click here.

The NACTT provides answers to basic questions about bankruptcy. The information provided is not legal advice and is general in nature. For legal advice about your specific situation, please contact a licensed and qualified bankruptcy attorney.

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National Data Center

The National Data Center (NDC) was established by Chapter 13 Trustees and is the exclusive source for comprehensive Chapter 13 Case and Claims data. We provide on-going details of case and claims information, as recorded and stored within the Trustees' office, which compliment traditional Bankruptcy Notification Services. Learn more about the National Data Center.

Trustees' Education Network

Even before the passage of bankruptcy reform, the NACTT and many Chapter 13 trustees realized the value of debtor education. At the suggestion of trustees experienced in debtor education programs, the NACTT established a nonprofit corporation called the Trustees' Education Network, TEN, in 1998. In essence, TEN was established by trustees and for trustees. The organization is led by a Board of volunteers, the majority of whom are Chapter 13 trustees appointed by the NACTT.  Learn more about the NACTT.

NACTT Academy

The National Association of Chapter Thirteen Trustees (NACTT) has developed a new vehicle for education of bankruptcy professionals as well as the general public. The NACTT Academy, a separate non-profit entity, was created by NACTT to collect and publish educational materials on matters relating to proceedings under Chapter 13 of the US Bankruptcy Code.  Learn more about the Academy...

NACTT Foundation

The NACTT Foundation was established in 2005 to provide financial assistance and support to Chapter 13 Trustees, staff and families harmed by natural disasters, terrorist acts, fire or mass casualties and to provide education and assistance to Chapter 13 Trustees offices in preparation for evacuations and recovery from natural disasters, terrorist acts, fire or other mass casualties. Learn more about the NACTT Foundation


The Bankruptcy and Finance Information Network Exchange (BFINE) is a public education project of the NACTT. Our objective is to provide Americans information on personal finance and consumer bankruptcy so that they may make better educated decisions on finances when they need it the most.

The website features articles covering a variety of topics that may be helpful to consumers facing financial struggles. The website also directs consumers to organizations and resources which can provide specific assistance.

The NACTT welcomes like-minded organizations to partner with us to help spread financial education. Article submissions from subject matter experts are reviewed by our editorial committee. For additional information contact

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